Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Hello Loves! Hope your all feeling chipper this morn, the birds sure are….they are chirping away! Sweet sweet melody…..sing sweet nightingale la la la la lalalala. Enough of that (I was singing horridly off key anyhow) and moving on to the reason for my prattle. Do you see that delightful picture up there..taken by yours truly? (Vain much..yes yes I know…I’m wracked with shame..hehe) A beautiful daisy (one of my most beloved flora) is nesting between rocks…what a hard place! Now lambs, have you ever felt that way? I know I have….like there is no hope? No way out? Albeit..if you gaze closely upon that little daisy, you can see its holding its own, thriving even between a rock and a hard place. It is possible! How you ask? I’m most delighted to inform you, with Jesus God’s Beloved Son, in Whom may you pray for hope…for He doeth all things, and no hard place can you not overcome with Him, for He is your hope, your Rock,

Psalms 39:7  And now, Lord, what wait I for? my hope is in Thee

-Prattle Out and About

Getting To Know Me

On rare…or mayhaps not so rare occasions I will leave little tidbits of information that make up, the one, the only (You really should thank our God there is only one, for in His magnificent foresight He knew the world could only handle but one) me ..Pricilla Prattle! I daresay I’ll call these posts….Getting To Know get your Magnifying Glass, hat, and Completed works Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and keep a look out.

Notes About Me
I truly hope the words I’m about to utter are in no way vain:

Love Jesus Christ my Lord And Savior
am married
am a mother
am witty (May be the only reason I’d qualify as vain)
have an immensely odd sense of humor
am Woodsy (You shall soon learn)
often take breaks for Coffee and Tea (…..And I’m back now)
am deathly afraid of Creepy Crawlies

Now enough about me

-Prattle Out and about

Hints Of Grey

image   Yesterday, When last we spoke the clouds were porcelain white..well loves these are not porcelain clouds, but grey…grey..grey! Makes this humble writer want earl grey tea with a dollop of cream… However even as the skies are a tad dark…cast your gaze upon that silver lining. Divinely lovely isn’t it? A resplendent light in the midst of grey…so whoever and wherever you are…know that though there is darkness …there is always a light when your world appears dim.

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.      -John 8:12

-Prattle out and about (for I be searching for Earl Grey Tea)

Fellow Gardeners!

‘Twas a lovely day today….so I decided to mosey about our gardens. As I ventured around my foliage kingdom I gazed up at the clouds…not a grey one in sight they were all white as porcelain. Hmmmm……Porcelain clouds….When you truly think about it they are fluffy in appearance…so why would I pick something as hard as porcelain to compare them to? Honestly…. Porcelain clouds. I digress…back to the point of the matter our gardens were overrun with weeds! A dozen bucketfuls of Creepy Crawlies (eeek) later…the gardens were clear of the dreadful little Plantae (scientific name for plant….wasn’t it obvious?) buggers. Then it rained! RAINED!!!!..Therfore new little weeds shall sprout……Weeds…Every gardeners pain. I need a bandaid for my heart…someone please get me a bandaid..or coffee.

-Prattle out and about